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The Hayden Senior Center has only a handful of paid staff members.  The center is supported by countless volunteer hours from good people with willing hearts and helping hands.  As a non-profit organization under the GCCPG umbrella, the Hayden Senior Center serves aging adults age 62 and older in our community. The Senior Center has an Executive Director, a Financial Officer, a Chef, and a Cook.  With these four part-time employees, coupled with the efforts of many many volunteers, seniors enjoy all that the Hayden Senior Center has to offer! 

GCCPG stands for Gem Community Citizens Project Group, which was formed in 1999 to address needs in our community.  In 2012, Jumpin' Beans Mobile Food Bank was formed under the GCCPG umbrella to deliver sustenance to those who are homebound.  In 2013, the Hayden Lake Marathon was formed under the GCCPG umbrella to provide an avenue for fitness and fundraising for seniors and youth alike, and to promote economic development in our community.

The CGGPG Board of Directors oversees the operations of the three entities mentioned above.  The Hayden Senior Center is the one that requires the greatest number of volunteer hours and the greatest resources.  Board meetings are held at the Hayden Senior Center at 10am each third Wednesday of the month.  We invite anyone who wishes to attend as a guest.



Those who are lucky enough to have visited the Hayden Senior Center know a little secret: This is the best little senior center around!  Those who utilize the Hayden Senior Center are part of a family.  Everyone who enters the doors of HSC knows that HSC offers fun, sociality, delicious nutrition, fitness, and other programs designed to help seniors.  Membership is available to anyone who wishes to participate.

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Call us: 208 762 7052

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