About Us


The Hayden Senior Center has one full time and two part time hard working paid staff members.  The center is supported by countless volunteer hours from good people with willing hearts and helping hands.  As a modest nonprofit, the Hayden Senior Center serves aging adults in our community. With the hard work of the few employees and the efforts of many many volunteers, seniors have access to a variety of fitness classes, nutritious lunches, and multilple activity groups to promote cognitave health and socialization.


The Hayden Senior Center was formed to serve the needs of the senior community in Kootenai county and has been a gathering place since 1996. We love to see folks coming together for a healthy meal, a fun game of cards, or a playful but effective Fit N" Fall class.  Friendships and comradary soon follow and our Senior Center family grows. We strive to keep things fresh and fun. For this reason, we are always open to new ideas for classes and group activities. We meet challenges with possitive attitudes, hard work, and creative new ideas. We  know that as we grow older it is easy to become isolated and we love building an environment where our senior community can feel at home, build relationships, and have fun. 


The Board of Directors oversees the operations of the Hayden Senior Center and is responible for taking the lead on fundraising efforts.  The staff manages the day to day operations, programs and services, as well as any new activities .  Board meetings are held at the Hayden Senior Center on the last Wednesday of each month at 10am.  We invite anyone who wishes to attend as a guest. 

Board of Directors

Kathy Verburg - Chairperson

Dick Panabaker - Vice Chair

Keri Reynolds - Treasurer

Sharon Clamp - Secretary

Shari Durbin

Diane Zell

Hayden Senior Center Staff

Lisa Martin

Kate Robertson

Samuel Jepsen

Countless individuals and business volunteer groups with willing hearts to serve our senior community


Those who have visited the Hayden Senior Center, know a little secret: This is the best little senior center around!  Our Center and the programs and activities that we offer, are designed to help seniors stay connected, healthy, and happy.  Membership is available to anyone who wishes to participate and we love to hear new ideas to bring us together.


              "I love the Hayden Senior Center. Great food,

              games and social life. I have made many,

               many good friends."  -  Veronca Seright

Come join the family and see what we have to offer!