You are needed...

Do you sometimes wonder if you have anything to give, but you have a desire to help others?  Sometimes we hesitate to give of our time, talents, or resources because we think that what we have to offer isn't enough.  Please know that every contribution helps, no matter what it is.  If you only have ten minutes to give once a week, it could be used to set up tables and chairs, or wash dishes.  If you have no more than $1 to give per week, it is appreciated more than you can imagine. 

The Hayden Senior Center operates efficiently and uses all of the resources that are so generously given to continue the work we are so committed to. Every individual and donation counts.  We are committed to serving seniors in our community, and we welcome your contributions to this noble cause.

For donations please mail to:

Hayden Senior Center

PO Box 3320 

Hayden, ID 83835